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Non-woven production principle

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-23

The most important part of non-woven fabrics, this article is summarized in four words: forming a network, strengthening. Therefore, this article briefly introduces several of the most common network formation and reinforcement methods.

1. Cotton is mainly made by carding.

Similar to the principle of carding in spinning, the different points of carding are as follows

(1) The process of non-woven carding produces --- the arrangement and orientation of fibers in the fiber web, which requires 'chaotic technology' and 'cohesion technology' to achieve the isotropic properties of non-woven materials

(2) Non-woven materials The fiber web has a higher unit area density (g/m2) and thickness (mm), so some fiber webs from the carding machine need to be laid and stacked

The principle of carding into a web

Carding is the key process of web forming. The open, mixed and prepared small cotton bundles are combed into a thin web composed of single fibers for laying up into webs, or direct reinforcement, or airlaid for weaving A web of randomly arranged fibers.

The equipment used for carding can be either a 'roller-type' carding machine or a 'flat-plate-type' carding machine.

The fibers in the fiber web directly output by the carding machine doffer are arranged in parallel in the longitudinal direction and have good orientation; the fibers are arranged in two dimensions after carding by 'chaotic roller/p>

After air-laid, the fibers are three-dimensionally arranged and have good non-orientation.

2. The reinforcement methods are mainly acupuncture and spunlace

(1) The principle of reinforcement by acupuncture

Using triangular sections (or other sections) ) The barbed barbs on the edges repeatedly puncture the web. As the barbs pass through the web, the surface and local inner fibers of the web are forced into the interior of the web. Due to the friction between the fibers, the originally fluffy web is compressed. When needle punching pushes out the web, the pierced fiber bundles are separated from the barb surface and remain in the web, so that many fiber bundles are entangled in the web and can no longer return to the original fluffy state. After many times of needling, a considerable number of fiber bundles are inserted into the fiber web to form a 'three-dimensional structure

(2) Principle of spunlace reinforcement technology

The principle of spunlace reinforcement is similar to that of acupuncture, but instead of needling Water jets jet the web. After the water jet passes through the fiber web, it is supported by the rebound of the net curtain and penetrates the fiber web again. As a result, the fibers in the fiber web are displaced, interspersed, entangled and cohesive under the hydraulic action of the high-speed water jets in different directions. The web is reinforced.

3. Spunbond method

Traditional textile process: blowing→carding→drawing→roving→spinning→winding→warping→sizing→reeding→weaving →Cloth

Ordinary non-woven process: fiber raw material→web→reinforcement→non-woven material

The non-woven process using chemical fiber as raw material can also be shrunk again, that is: high Polymer→web→reinforcement→non-woven material, this is the non-woven technology of spunlaid process and melt blowing process.

In the reinforcement technology of high polymer, in addition to the traditional needle punching method and hydroentangling method, there is also a method called hot rolling.

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