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non woven interlining factories qualified for exports
Non woven interlining is provided by many factories with good credits and manufacturing techniques. However, there will be some who only focus on the domestic market and decide to give up the export business as they are new in the markets. And there are also some factories that lack export certificates and fail to meet the export requirement. In such cases, customers should pay attention to ask for the display of relevant export licenses and certificates so as to protect their interest in the purchase.
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In the changeable market, Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. is capable of adapting to people's needs for water blocking tape and make rapid response. Wenzhou Xinyu's non woven filter fabric series contains multiple sub-products. Since our professional quality control personnel track quality throughout the production process, this product guarantees zero defects. Xinyu Non-woven is the best custom non woven fabric manufacturer and supplier since 2001,We have ten production lines including chemical bonded, air-laid web, coating, printing, calendering production line etc. The maximum width reaches to 99 inch (2.5M). The product is easy to process and easily meets the comfort and distinct personality by adding printed images to it. The nonwoven filter fabric is widely used in many Scenes, for example, oil filter paper, air filter fabric, water filter paper, milk filter paper,
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Wenzhou Xinyu must firmly insist on advocating and practicing innovative concepts to keep up with the fashion in the market. Check now!

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