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Non-woven fiber identification method - chemical dissolution method

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-01

The chemical dissolution method of non-woven fabrics is to identify non-woven fibers according to the difference in the dissolution properties of various non-woven fibers in different reagents. It is suitable for all kinds of textile non-woven fibers, especially synthetic non-woven fibers, including dyed non-woven fibers or mixed-component non-woven fibers, yarns and fabrics. In addition, the dissolution method is also widely used to analyze the fiber content of non-woven fabrics in blended products.

When the sample to be identified is a yarn or a fabric, the warp and weft yarns need to be extracted from the fabric, and then the yarns are separated into single non-woven fibers. In order to quickly and effectively identify the type of non-woven fiber, it can be observed with a microscope first, and then re-examined by the combustion method. If it is a synthetic non-woven fiber, the chemical dissolution method can be used directly. For some difficult non-woven fibers, System identification is required.

For single-component non-woven fibers, put a small amount of non-woven fibers to be identified into a test tube, select and inject a certain solvent, stir with a glass rod, and observe the non-woven fibers. Dissolution in the solution, such as: dissolved, slightly dissolved, partially dissolved and insoluble. If the non-woven fibers of mixed components or the amount of non-woven fibers are very small, you can place a glass slide with a concave surface on the microscope stage, then put the sample on the concave surface, drop the solvent, and cover it with Coverslip, observed directly in the microscope, according to different dissolution conditions, to identify the types of non-woven fibers.

Due to the difference in solvent concentration and heating temperature, the dissolving properties of non-woven fibers are different. Therefore, when using the dissolution method to identify non-woven fibers, the solvent concentration and heating temperature should be strictly controlled. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the dissolution rate of the non-woven fibers in the solvent.

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