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New application of elastic non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-16

Elastic non-woven fabric is a brand-new non-woven product, which breaks the situation that the elastic film material is airtight, too tight and has little flexibility. Following the previous part released yesterday, the next part of this article today will continue to take you to understand the new application of elastic non-woven fabrics in the field of mild incontinence products.

Currently, the field of elastic materials is diverse, using various production processes and having different properties.

1. Elastic spandex yarn

High tensile recovery, the product is combined with the surface layer non-woven fabric to form a longitudinally stretched non-woven fabric, the technology is mature, and the cost is low.

2. Hot-melt elastomer

Elastomer spinning and surface layer non-woven fabric are combined to form longitudinal elastic non-woven fabric.

3. Four-sided elastic non-woven fabric/film

It is produced by imitation sticking method, the elastomer is spin-sprayed, formed and rolled, and the product is formed online with the surface layer non-woven fabric Longitudinal stretched non-woven fabric;

The two-component double-layer/multi-layer web-laying imitation sticking method is produced, and the longitudinal elasticity is activated during the production of the product, and it is combined with the surface layer non-woven fabric to form a longitudinally stretched non-woven fabric. cloth.

Lateral elastic non-woven fabric series products

It is understood that elastic non-woven fabrics, at present, mostly focus on giving elastic functions in structure and technology, improving packaging. overlay effect.

The transverse elastic non-woven fabric exhibits the characteristics of textile elastic underwear fabrics, excellent stretch recovery, cotton soft or silky touch, cotton or silk appearance.

Appearance of various elastic non-woven fabrics

The surface of the simulated silk elastic non-woven fabric is smooth, with the silkiness, softness, luster and energy of silk fabrics. Meet the required strength, opacity, adjustable gloss, printing, etc. of underwear materials.

The feel of various elastic non-woven fabrics

The softness of the material depends on the treatment of the surface non-woven fabric and the composite process, and can make a variety of different styles.

Elastic properties of various elastic non-woven fabrics

Elastic non-woven fabrics have wide stretchability, and the stretching strength of elastic underwear varies with different body types Not big, good fit.

The figure below shows the smooth stretch recovery curve of a 70gsm transverse elastic non-woven fabric when stretched 100-150%.


It is understood that the cost of transverse elastic non-woven fabrics for elastic underwear fabrics is only 1/3 of that of similar cotton textiles. 1/5 of . With good mechanical cutting and bonding properties, by redesigning the process and automatic production of underwear clothing, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and it has become the preferred material for disposable underwear and other clothing.

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