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Method for measuring the fineness of nonwoven fibers

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-26

The fineness of non-woven fibers refers to the thickness of non-woven fibers. Fineness is one of the important morphological dimensions and quality indicators of non-woven fibers. The fiber fineness of non-woven fabrics is closely related to the spinning process and yarn quality, and directly affects the fabric style.

There are two ways to express the fiber fineness of non-woven fabrics:

①Direct method: It is expressed by indicators such as diameter, projected width, cross-sectional area, perimeter, and specific surface area.

②Indirect method: expressed by the relationship between the fiber length and quality of the non-woven fabric. Non-woven fiber fineness test methods are also divided into direct method and indirect method. Direct methods include microprojection measurement method, laser fineness measurement method, and computer image automatic measurement method. Indirect methods include mid-section cut-off weighing method, airflow meter method, vibration method, etc.

In addition, for wool, there is a technical fineness index widely used at home and abroad - quality count, its original meaning refers to: under the spinning technology conditions of the 19th century, spinning The finest count of combed yarn.

In today's rapid development of spinning technology, the quality count only represents the fineness of wool within a certain diameter range.

For cotton non-woven fibers, the micronaire value is also used as a comprehensive index to reflect the linear density and maturity of cotton non-woven fibers. Micronaire values u200bu200bhave no unit of measurement.

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