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Medical non-woven packaging materials

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-05

The main material of medical non-woven packaging material is polypropylene, which has the structural characteristics of small fiber gaps and random arrangement, which can significantly reduce the possibility of microorganisms or dust particles being transferred.

Medical non-woven packaging materials are disposable and cannot be reused. When selecting non-woven fabrics, the antibacterial properties, tensile strength and air permeability of non-woven fabrics should be considered in terms of performance. Compared with traditional cotton cloth, medical non-woven fabrics have different characteristics: sterile wraps can be stored for longer (generally 6 months for double-layer non-woven fabrics); disposable products will not generate cotton dust and cause air pollution; It has a good balance of ventilation and bacteria resistance; medical non-woven fabrics are suitable for pressure steam sterilization and EO sterilization, but non-woven fabrics containing plant fibers are not suitable for low-temperature plasma sterilization.

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