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Main applications of non-woven fabrics in the home textile industry

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-09

Home textiles are not only daily consumer goods that meet people's basic needs in daily life, but also fashionable consumer goods with many functions such as fashion, personality, comfort, and health care. Therefore, the home textile market presents a strong demand.

Non-woven fabrics are mainly used in the following aspects in the home textile industry:

1. Bedding

1) Ordinary lining material: PP 12-30 grams The non-woven fabric per square meter is used as the lining material for mattresses and quilts, and is used to cover cotton, fiber, silk and other materials, making it difficult for people to drill out during use, and the production process is simple and relatively cost-effective. also lower.

2) Temperature-adjusting lining materials

With the improvement of people's sleep comfort, the functional requirements for bedding have also increased. In response to this situation, we developed a A non-woven fabric with intelligent temperature regulation. This product can be used in mattresses, quilt cores and pillow cores.

For details, please refer to the phase change non-woven fabric in the product center.

3) Antibacterial and anti-mite lining materials

Beds and bedding are the places where some parasites of the human body, such as mites, are concentrated. The non-woven fabric with anti-mite function can greatly reduce the number of mites and play a certain role in protecting human health.

2. Cushion and other lining materials

It is used as the lining material of various types of pillows, seat cushions and cushions.

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