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Lubrication precautions for non-woven equipment

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-20

Lubrication is an important means to reduce mechanical wear and power consumption. Due to the particularity of non-woven equipment processes and equipment, this work is particularly important, so lubrication must be the top priority of non-woven equipment maintenance In order to grasp, it is necessary to carry out lubrication management work strictly in accordance with the lubrication system diagram, lubrication periodic table and lubrication checklist procedures.

Non-woven equipment managers must be very clear about the internal structure of each production line and equipment. Lubrication points and lubrication requirements, draw the lubrication system diagram of all models of non-woven equipment, indicate the transmission relationship of each transmission component, and the oil eye position of each vibrating component, refueling sequence, refueling amount, oil type and refueling cycle , to avoid random addition, blind addition and other phenomena in the refueling process, thereby improving the efficiency of lubrication.

In order to facilitate management, each production line is divided into five parts for circulation according to cleaning, carding, net laying, needle punching and auxiliary equipment, and a lubrication responsibility machine, a lubrication periodic table and a lubrication inspection table are formulated, and each is required to be responsible. People must work in strict accordance with the equipment lubrication periodic table. After each lubrication is completed, technicians are required to check item by item according to the lubrication checklist, and make records to avoid mechanical accidents caused by lubrication problems that affect production.

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