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Laminated non-woven fabrics are widely used in the field of environmental protection

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-03

The surface of the coated non-woven fabric has the characteristics of color, luster, smoothness, water resistance, light resistance and high temperature resistance. Its excellent characteristics are widely used in all aspects of life: environmentally friendly bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, wine, shopping bags, home textiles, and the outer packaging of medium and high-end gifts are environmentally friendly materials. Product colors are diverse, bright and fashionable! It is a perfect substitute for traditional PU products, with better sex ratio!

The so-called laminating non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric coated with a layer of plastic film, which is generally a product formed by coating a non-woven fabric with plastic heated to a hot-melt state at a high temperature and cooling it. Or a layer of PE material is added to the PP non-woven fabric; it can also be interpreted as a color printing film, which is bonded to the non-woven fabric to express rich colors. Laminated composite non-woven fabrics have a more hand feel than composite non-woven fabrics, and the texture to the touch is more realistic than laser composite non-woven fabrics. This is the new breed! The best material for eco-friendly bags! A must for packaging.

Laminated embossed non-woven fabrics are available in dozens of patterns on the market, including checkered pattern/bark pattern/small hole pattern/pinhole pattern/rice pattern/mouse pattern/wire drawing/ Crocodile pattern/stripe pattern/mouth pattern/dot pattern/cross pattern, etc.

Characteristics of Laminated Nonwovens

Laminated nonwovens are made of PP, PE and other materials as the waterproof layer, and high-strength nonwovens are used as the support layer. produced by the process. At the same time, it can give the material color, antibacterial, water absorption and other functions. The material has:

1. Air permeability: It has excellent and uniform air permeability, effectively isolates moisture, and discharges heat and moisture.

2. Softness: It has excellent hand feeling, making the product more soft and comfortable.

3. Mechanical properties: excellent tensile and elongation properties.

4, chemical: not easy to corrode, simple to print, resistant to high temperature and sunlight.

5, waterproof, liquid-proof, breathable, environmentally friendly and high-strength.

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