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Is SMS non-woven fabric recyclable?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-02

The following is a detailed introduction to the recycling of SMS non-woven fabrics:

1. The impact of recycling on the spinning process: The recycling process will have a negative impact on the normal spinning process. The main reasons are:< /p>

(1) The melt pressure fluctuates due to uneven feeding;

(2) The MFI of the recycled material will be higher than that of the normal slicing raw material, which is excessive; The phenomenon of filaments and dripping melts, the mechanical properties of the product will also decrease, and the strength of the product will decrease.

(3) Recycling can easily cause product color difference

(4) There are many impurities in the recycled material, and the pressure rises faster before filtration, and recycling will shorten the melt filter screen The life cycle of the filter has significantly increased the number of filter replacements.

(5) Recycling will speed up the clogging of the filter screen in the spinneret assembly, make the spinning process abnormal, and ultimately shorten the life cycle of the spinneret.

2. Recyclability: Practice has proved that even SMS products can be recycled and reused, but the finished products are generally not suitable for direct recycling in the production line, so as not to affect the spinning. Since the composition of low-melting grease in the recycled material is more than 80%, it is not suitable and cannot be recycled in the melt-blown system, and can only be recycled by the spunbond system in the production line. SMS production lines run fast, and most of them use offline slitting processes, so they cannot be directly recycled online, but can only be recycled offline.

3. Control of recovery amount: recovery amount control refers to the proportion of recycled material in the product, and the specific proportion is related to the adaptability of the system. For example, the original spinning of the system is very stable, and the recycled The proportion can be larger; if the original spinning process of the system is unstable, the proportion that can be recycled should be strictly controlled, or even not recycled, so as to avoid more waste and defective products. For a production line, under the premise of ensuring product quality, the maximum proportion of recyclable SMS edges, waste materials and defective products is generally controlled at around (15-20)%.

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