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Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of several common printing methods for non-woven bags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-18

Many customers do not know much about the printing of non-woven bags, and often ask what printing method is generally used for non-woven bag printing. XinYu Non-woven, a non-woven manufacturer, will explain non-woven bags in detail here What printing method will be used.

Screen printing

Introduction: The screen printing machine is used to print on the fabric, and the environmentally friendly ink and screen are used.

Commonly known as: silk screen, watermark, environmental protection printing.

Advantages: affordable, fast, low cost, bright colors, and accepted by the public, widely used.

Disadvantage: Unable to print images with large gradient drop, such as portraits, landscapes, houses, etc.

Rubber sheet embossing

Introduction: Using a six-color roller printing machine, printing on the fabric, using the engraved rubber plate to stick on the rubber roller, using environmentally friendly ink.

Commonly known as: offset printing (different from paper offset printing), letterpress printing, flexo printing.

Advantages: low price, fast speed, a little bit of light in the color, widely used in society.

Disadvantages: The color is relatively light, only suitable for light-pigmented fabrics, such as white, beige and other light-pigmented fabrics.

Thermal transfer

Introduction: Using an offset printing machine and a hot pressing machine, first use the offset printing machine to print on the thermal transfer paper, and then pass the hot pressing machine to flat iron or roll iron on the fabric. Commonly known as: heat transfer, heat transfer, heat sublimation printing.

Advantages: It can print high-precision pictures such as head portraits, landscape paintings, etc., and the density is high, which makes the printing of the bag look very bright.

Disadvantages: The printing area cannot be too large, the price is high, and the speed is slow.

Gravure color printing

Introduction: Using a seven-color gravure printing machine, the pattern is engraved on the roll gravure (the material is iron), and then the plate is placed on the printing machine, printed on the OPP film, and then covered by the laminating machine. on non-woven fabric.

Commonly known as: color printing, gravure printing.

Advantages: The size of the pattern is arbitrary, and there is no need to deliberately reduce the pattern. It can print high-precision pictures such as head portraits and landscape paintings. The concentration is high, so that the whole bag presents a beautiful picture. When the number of bags is large, the price advantage is obvious and the speed is fast.

Disadvantages: The printing fee is expensive, and the cost allocation for a small number of bags is relatively high.

This printing method is still a controversial topic for environmental protection or not.

Lamination color printing

Introduction: It is a relatively new printing method. Color printing is performed by pouring a layer of glue on the inner layer of the non-woven fabric to block the leakage of ink.

Advantages: It can be directly color-printed on the non-woven bag, no film or transfer paper is required, and the cost is relatively reasonable. Suitable for printing 5,000-10,000 bags.

Disadvantages: The color accuracy is slightly lower than that of the lamination, and the color of the fabric is also a little plainer, which is not suitable for the full-page background color.

The above is the current printing method of non-woven bags introduced by Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD., I hope it can help you, if you have any other questions, please call 86-577-56976979.

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