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Inspection Standard for Laminated Nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-16

The processing of non-woven bags is relatively simple. There will be differences in workmanship, printing and materials, and prices will also vary, but it is not easy to say which one is better. The key is to look at the customer's quality requirements and supply. Whether the supplier is responsible for the quality. Production inspection standards for non-woven bags covered with film:

1. Pay attention to whether there is foaming or lamination when laminating the film.

2. Cutting: Each set has a white line, and the error should not exceed 1-5 mm when cutting.

3. The wrinkled small area of fabric beach piece cannot exceed 2 places.

4. There are 2 white squares at both ends of each plate during plate making, which is where the strap is installed. Carrying belt: When ironing the carrying belt and sewing the carrying belt, the error must be 1-2 mm. When making ordinary non-woven bags, there is no white box, but a standard must be found. The sticking and ironing of the belt must be consistent. The length of the strap is 45 cm, and the cloth is not less than 65 grams.

5. Running head: The error of 3 cm of the folded edge should not exceed 1-2 mm, the distance between the upper thread and the folded edge should be 2 mm, no jumpers are allowed, and a back stitch is required at the beginning of sewing and the lifting belt. , the needle distance of 1 cm is 2.5 stitches when the head is running.

6. Combined wrapping: when wrapping the edge, the stitch spacing on the perimeter is 1 cm and 3 stitches, and the line distance when wrapping the perimeter is 1. -2 mm, the weight of the perimeter cloth is 65-70 grams, there should be no wrinkling, the color of the perimeter should be the same as the color of the front of the bag, the thread should be the same as the color of the perimeter, and there should be no openings. Once again, cut off the whiskers that remain.

7. Stacking: The stacking process is very important. As a standard inspector, check whether there is a thread, whether the edge is broken, and whether the strap is upright. All the above standards must be checked. , Whether the stacking package can be aligned up and down, the error does not exceed 5 mm.

Summary: From the beginning to the end, every link in the production of non-woven bags is very important. The next process is the inspector of the previous process. In the next process, if there is any fault in the previous process, please remind Pay attention to the previous process and rework it to avoid a series of faults and losses.

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