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Influence of non-woven coating on product quality

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-28

In the production of diapers, sanitary napkins, medical products and non-woven products for adult care, it is difficult to find the ideal improvement solution. Many competitive products offer superior wear resistance, non-stick and slip properties or a combination of these properties. Idler rollers, guide rollers, steering rods, folding plows, compression plates and vacuum rollers are just some of the workpieces that require coatings to improve performance. How to choose the best coating for these workpieces?

Non-stick properties

Teflon is a non-stick 'miracleWhile there have been many new nonstick products hitting the market since then, they are only marginally better. Because the non-stick properties of the product were initially good, efforts were made to improve its abrasion resistance. However, the non-stick properties of even the best Teflon products cannot prevent PSA hot melt adhesives from sticking to the deflection roll. Even if the coating is durable enough, it will only last a few days at today's production rates.

This product was developed 20 years ago to improve the abrasion resistance and non-stick performance of coatings by creating a very hard substrate and applying the non-stick coating to the peaks and valleys of the substrate. Optimized for non-stick performance. The base is achieved by applying a metal layer to the substrate using a form of thermal spraying. This makes the surface very rough and full of hard spots that protect the non-stick coating applied on top. The creation of the nodular surface also enhances the non-stick performance.

Wear resistance

The microhardness, bond strength and application method of the matrix particles are the keys to wear resistance. Even hard substrates are useless when the top layer's nonstick coating wears off. As an example, carbides are very hard and wear-resistant substrates. It is widely used as serrations on saw blade cutting tools. If a wear resistant coating is applied to carbide, the material is too dense for the polymer coating to penetrate. If it is applied to a sponge-like matrix, the polymer has room to penetrate. The problem with porous matrices is that the bond strength of the individual particles decreases, resulting in premature wear and tear of the tungsten particles from the cobalt binder. In addition, carbide tends to have sharp corners, which can drag and pull non-woven fabrics or hook poly sheets.

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