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Identification method of non-woven fabrics for masks

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-03

Because of the impact of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, sales of masks have been very good in recent months, and even during the severe coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, many local masks were on sale. light situation. In order to ensure that everyone can have a mask, the Chinese government has implemented a method of obtaining a mask with an ID card. According to the demand for masks in the market, some bad mask manufacturers produce defective masks for sale, and even take back the used masks and sell them again. Fortunately, these situations have been well stopped by the Chinese staff. Yes, the mask market is still developing in a good direction. The main manufacturing material of masks is non-woven masks. Next, let's talk about the difference between non-woven masks of masks.

1. Appearance policy to identify non-woven masks for masks: randomly select samples for testing, open them in a place with light, and visually inspect the surface of non-woven masks for unqualified defects such as broken wires and hard lumps . Pay attention to whether the light transmission function of the cloth surface is the same. This is an important method to judge the uniformity of the cloth surface. Then lay it on a flat ground, with a good uniformity of the mask non-woven fabric. The cloth surface probably has no high and low appearance. If there is, you will be in trouble when processing the pieces.

2. The physical policy of the cloth surface is to identify the non-woven mask of the mask: check whether the cloth surface is shiny. Is there any fiber floating on the surface, if it is dull or there is a lot of floating silk, it is probably produced by the return material.

Tear off a piece of mask non-woven fabric, burn it with fire, and check the incineration residue. The good mask non-woven fabric has few residues and is flat, and the residue produced from inferior materials has many fine particles of dust. Mask non-woven fabrics are divided into disposable mask non-woven fabrics and reusable mask non-woven fabrics. There are differences in quality.

Because the primary manufacturing material of masks is mask non-woven fabrics , because we can distinguish the quality of the masks purchased after we understand the difference between the non-woven fabrics of masks, and then buy good quality masks to ensure excellent protection. We should have seen many ways to distinguish the quality of masks shared with you on Douyin, or I hope readers can learn about common sense in this regard through multiple channels. There are many types of non-woven fabrics, and different types of non-woven fabrics are mainly suitable for different occasions. No matter which non-woven fabric is produced, non-woven equipment will be used.

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