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Identification method of 100% new pellet spunbond non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-12

1. Look: The gloss and gloss of the non-woven fabric produced by 100% full-grain material gradually become darker with the increase of the filler ratio in the woven fabric.

2. Smell: 100% full-grain non-woven fabric has no peculiar smell, because polypropylene particles are odorless, but the material has an anti-odor, and the powder has the smell of gasoline and diesel.

3. Burning: 100% full-grain non-woven fabrics will have similar objects in the powder residue after burning, and the filler and burned non-woven fabrics can be clearly seen in the remaining powder objects See.

4. Pull: After the 100% new non-woven fabric is torn, it is strong, clean and pure, with a lot of threads. After a non-woven fabric is torn, white powdery fillers can be seen.

5. Measurement: You can also determine 100% new material by measuring the thickness and specific gravity of the fabric.

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