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How to use grass-proof non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-03

How to use the weed-proof non-woven fabric

In agriculture, weed-proof non-woven fabrics are widely used. The function of agricultural non-woven fabrics is to protect crops from cold waves, wind, frost, rain and snow. Protect crops.

The weed control cloth can improve the utilization of nutrients. After the horticultural ground cloth is laid in the orchard, the soil moisture of the tree tray can be maintained, the grass control cloth is good, the surface area of u200bu200bthe plant root system is increased, and the nutrient absorption capacity is enhanced. After the orchard is covered with weed-proof cloth, the supply of fertilizer should be increased to ensure the rapid vegetative growth of the plants.

Weed control in orchards and how to use weed-proof cloth is a very complicated task for farmers. The use of ecological weed-proof cloth can solve problems for the majority of farmers. The ecological non-woven fabric has a good weeding effect. After the black weed-proof cloth is covered, the weeds on the ground are difficult to develop due to the lack of light and cannot carry out photosynthesis. The inhibitory effect of weed control cloth on weed growth.

The application of weed control cloth has greatly promoted the development of agriculture and ensured the yield of crops, so it is deeply loved by agricultural practitioners and friends.

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