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How to print non-woven bags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-01

Generally, there are two kinds of printing inks for Wenzhou Xinyu non-woven fabrics, one is water-based elastic glue and the other is ink. Generally, non-woven fabric factories use water-based elastic glue for printing. The biggest feature of this water-based elastic glue is that the effect after printing has a significant concave and convex feeling, and has good coverage, washing resistance, and no odor at all. Ink is generally used in the screen printing of general objects, such as the appearance of metal boxes, etc. The biggest feature of this printing process is the high printing accuracy. Why do we use water-based elastic glue for printing on our environmental protection bags?

1. Different from the surface of ordinary objects, the mesh on the surface of the cloth is relatively large. Choose ordinary ink for printing. If the coverage rate is not good, after printing, a lot of the background color of the cloth itself will be exposed, and the printing effect will be poor. It's ugly, so we use water-based elastic glue because of the surface properties of the fabric itself.

2. Water-based elastic glue is a relatively environmentally friendly ink, and basically has no peculiar smell, low content of heavy metals, and better color fastness (the ability to adhere to the surface color of the fabric) and washing resistance.

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