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How to prevent aging of PP non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-12

1. Is it necessary to prevent aging of PP non-woven bags?

Speaking of the specific application of PP non-woven fabrics, we have to say non-woven bags. PP non-woven bags are the most familiar daily necessities. Whether it is shopping mall promotion, street product promotion, or industry conference information bags, etc., non-woven bags can be seen.

But the biggest disadvantage of PP non-woven bags is that they cannot withstand prolonged sunlight. Ordinary PP non-woven bags will fade if placed on the balcony for a month or two, or even broken if you lift a little heavy things, often giving people an inherent impression of not being durable.

In fact, as long as a little anti-aging masterbatch (LS-133WP) is added to the production of non-woven fabrics, and the cost is increased a little, the non-woven bags can be used for several years. The product on the bag has several times more opportunities for publicity.

2. Sofas and other furniture items also need anti-aging

A large number of furniture items also use PP non-woven fabrics, such as fabric sofa linings and sofa bottom fabrics. Friends who have used this kind of sofa at home should have a deep feeling about this. After two years, when cleaning the sofa, I found that the sofa lining or bottom cloth is easily torn when dismantling and washing. This is because these fabrics have been removed. aged.

This is mainly because manufacturers use low-quality sofa fabrics to reduce costs. In fact, as long as some anti-aging masterbatch (LS-133WH) is added when producing this fabric, the quality of the sofa will be swish swish. on several levels. There are also pillow linings, mobile simple cloth wardrobes, etc., which all have this problem.

3. PP non-woven fabrics used in agriculture and greening fields must be anti-aging

The combination of non-woven fabric technology and agricultural technology has produced agricultural non-woven fabrics. Agricultural non-woven fabrics are made of PP Most non-woven fabrics.

This kind of non-woven fabric is widely used in the field of domestic and foreign agricultural production as fruit bagging, agricultural covering material, plant growth substrate material, greenhouse material and farmland water and soil protection material. significant effect. Because such PP non-woven products have to withstand long-term sun exposure, if they are not treated with anti-aging, they will be pulverized and damaged within one or two months and lose their use value, causing great losses to farmers. This is due to the structural characteristics of PP itself, which are susceptible to aging and degradation due to factors such as heat, oxygen, light, and environmental climate during processing and use, resulting in greatly shortened product life. Therefore, it is of great economic and social significance to improve the weather resistance and durability of outdoor PP non-woven fabrics.

In terms of urban lawn green space planting, this kind of non-woven fabric has the environmental protection properties that are harmless to the environment and plants, effectively changing the traditional lawn planting method, and has the functions of protection, irrigation and heat preservation.

In terms of anti-aging of PP non-woven fabrics, the main method is to add weather-resistant masterbatch during production, such as agricultural non-woven fabrics developed according to the production process of PP non-woven fabrics and outdoor use requirements. The masterbatch (LS-133W, LS-133WL is optional for longer service life) has excellent processing stability, outstanding long-term thermo-oxidative stability, high-efficiency light stability and weather resistance, which can significantly prolong this kind of non-woven products. Compared with foreign similar imported masterbatches, it has a very high cost performance advantage.

In addition, PP non-woven fabrics are widely used in outdoor products such as sun hats, sunshades, outdoor billboards, tents, outdoor backpacks, outdoor sportswear, car outdoor dust covers, etc., which also require anti-aging. Features.

4. PP geotextile non-woven fabrics used in geotechnical and construction fields need anti-aging!

In the 1950s, European and American countries began to apply non-woven fabrics in the field of geotechnical engineering, and then gradually spread to all parts of the world and achieved rapid development. It is widely used due to the characteristics of alkali, insect-resistant, mold-resistant, high strength, convenient storage and transportation, and low price. Please choose weather-resistant masterbatch LS-133WL for this kind of geotextile.

5. Introduction of LS-133 series anti-aging and weather-resistant masterbatch products

This series of masterbatch products adopts a variety of high-efficiency anti-aging additives and carrier resins. The functional weather-resistant masterbatch prepared by processing technology can endow PP non-woven fabrics, especially outdoor products with excellent processing stability, outstanding long-term thermo-oxidative stability, high-efficiency light stability and weather resistance. To prolong its service life, it can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. It mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) It can absorb and shield ultraviolet rays in a wide range of wavelengths, and can effectively resist the heat, oxygen, light, environment and climate caused by factors such as heat, oxygen, light, environment and climate during outdoor use of PP non-woven fabrics. aging degradation problem.

(2) The anti-aging ingredient has excellent dispersibility in PP non-woven fabric, high stability and long-lasting action time, which ensures the full play of its anti-aging effect;

(3) Matching melt flowability and excellent compatibility with PP matrix resin for non-woven fabrics, it is easy to achieve its matrix

(4) Excellent processing stability, product thermal decomposition temperature It can reach above 320℃, fully meet the high temperature and heat resistance requirements of PP spinning, ensure the continuous production of PP spinning, avoid the phenomenon of wire breakage during the production process and affect the normal production, and improve the production efficiency.

6. Usage and packaging of LS-133 series anti-aging and weather-resistant masterbatches

The masterbatches can be directly mixed with raw materials, and then processed and produced. The recommended addition amount is 2-4% It can be adjusted according to actual requirements. The product is packed in a 25KG paper-plastic bag, please store it in a ventilated and dry place with cushions underneath to avoid sunlight and rain.

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