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How to evaluate the pros and cons of non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-18

I've been invited to judge the packet competition several times. In the written test, I always like to ask, 'How long is the validity period of sterile items in non-woven packaging?' Teachers can usually answer that WS 310.2-2009 stipulates that it is half a year. However, I noticed that there is a wording in the original specification that 'the validity period should be 6 months'. There are not many words for 'Yi'. We know that the wording of WS 310 is very strict. There are three levels of 'should-2009).

GB/T 19633 is mentioned here, the name of this specification is 'Packaging of terminally sterilized medical devicesSome teachers will ask, what do the letters in front of these standards mean? ISO is an international standard, GB is the initials of the word 'National StandardAnother teacher asked what the T in GB/T means. This is the first letter of the pinyin word for 'push' in 'recommendation'.

Many teachers use the indicator 'gram weight' when judging the pros and cons of non-woven fabrics. I feel that the greater the gram weight per square meter, the thicker the non-woven fabric, and the better the antibacterial effect. We talked about so many specifications just now. Are there any regulations on the 'gram weight' of medical non-woven packaging materials? Is there a minimum value? To be precise, the concept of 'minimum grammage' does not exist (I will explain it later), only chapter of DIN EN ISO536 stipulates that the grammage fluctuation of each batch of non-woven fabrics must not exceed 5% of the declared value . That is, the declared gram weight of 50g, the actual gram weight of the non-woven fabric shall not be lower than 47.5g (-5%) nor higher than 52.5g (+5%).

Why not specify a minimum gram weight? This is because non-woven fabrics are a very large category, and there are many process methods covered below, and it is meaningless to simply compare the weight. When it's cold, we pull out an old padded jacket and a down jacket. Will we put on the heavy old padded jacket just after weighing it? Different process principles naturally vary greatly in thermal insulation performance, which can be based on weight alone. So having said that, considering the properties of non-woven fabrics should not be simply weighed. No matter how thick the spunbond nonwoven is, its performance is by no means comparable to that of the spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS) nonwoven.

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