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How to enhance the technological development of the non-woven industry

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-10

The progress of China's non-woven technology is mainly reflected in these three links: special raw materials for non-woven fabrics, process technology equipment and high value-added upgrading product development. Product as the center, organize the development and matching of special differentiated fibers and technical equipment for deep processing, finishing and duplication processing.

1. Strengthen technological research and improve the level of localized equipment. The non-woven industry should combine the technological progress of the industry and the adjustment of product structure to fill in the gaps; continue to organize scientific research, manufacturing, and production departments to coordinate research and develop non-woven equipment suitable for national conditions. Focus on the development of complete sets of dry-laid non-woven equipment and spinning and web-forming equipment, moderately develop wet, spunlace, and melt-blown methods, strengthen basic research on various process technologies, and improve the matching and serialization of non-woven equipment. , standardization and mechatronics level, to provide necessary technical support for the formation of a non-woven fabric processing system with a relatively reasonable technical structure and suitable for China's national conditions in 2012. This year, it is still necessary to introduce appropriate technology and equipment that is highly intensive. At this stage, China lacks or is still difficult to localize technical equipment. At the same time, attention should be paid to the introduction of corresponding technology to narrow the technological gap with advanced countries. It is necessary to prevent the low-level repeated introduction, guarantee it from the policy, and strengthen the digestion, absorption and innovation of the introduction.

2. Adjust product structure and focus on developing new non-woven materials for industrial use. China should focus on the development of durable non-woven products, while continuing to develop disposable products. The development and application of disposable products should pay attention to the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development strategies. The goal of product development is to actively replace traditional textiles; the second is to give full play to the technical characteristics of non-woven fabrics and actively develop non-woven products whose performance is superior to traditional textiles or cannot meet the requirements of traditional textiles; the third is to firmly grasp the quantity The upgrading of large-scale and wide-ranging products and the development of high value-added industrial products, enrich and develop non-woven products through the best combination of raw materials, processing technology and finishing technology, improve the technical content and added value of products, and improve the existing Product upgrading, expanding varieties, improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing processing depth; the fourth is to focus on the development of industrial non-woven fabrics, geotextiles, filter materials, insulating materials, composite materials, agricultural fabrics and medical and health materials.

3. Vigorously develop special raw materials for non-woven fabrics. Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. introduced that developing products, improving product quality and performance, and vigorously developing special raw materials are an important task in the technological progress of non-woven fabrics across the century. There must be major breakthroughs in the development of special raw materials for non-woven fabrics, to change the situation that the development of raw materials lags behind the development of production, to meet the needs of the development and upgrading of non-woven products in terms of varieties, and to focus on the development of high value-added industrial non-woven fabrics. Differential chemical fibers required for spinning, especially functional fibers required for non-woven products, high melt index polymer chips suitable for spin-to-web production and melt-blown processes, etc. With the goal of forming large-scale production capacity, we will organize and implement the development of fiber and chip raw materials, focusing on the development of special adhesives (including coating, compounding, molding adhesives) and special finishing and processing aids required for industrial non-woven fabrics. Make full use of the advantages of non-woven technology, develop and utilize China's rich fiber resources, such as various natural fibers (cotton, hemp, brown silk, coconut husk silk, etc.), and attach importance to the development and application of green regenerated cellulose fiber production technology.

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