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How to effectively improve the load-bearing capacity of non-woven bags?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-10

How to effectively improve the load-bearing capacity of non-woven bags? When manufacturing non-woven bags, not only should the quality of the bags be guaranteed, but the load-bearing capacity of the bags should also be considered. In order to meet the needs of people, non-woven bags During processing, various methods are needed to improve the load-bearing capacity of the bag. Only when the non-woven bag reaches a certain load-bearing capacity can the bag be strong and durable!

1. Try to use sewing non-woven bags

The load-bearing performance of sewing non-woven bags is much stronger than that of ultrasonic hot-melt non-woven bags. Since the hot-melt non-woven bag only thermally bonds the non-woven fabrics together at high temperature, all the force will bear on a hot melting point, so the load-bearing capacity of the hot-melt non-woven bag is not strong.

2. Make a cross at the handle of the non-woven bag

Most of the force of the non-woven bag during the movement will bear on the four points of the non-woven bag's handle. If the load-bearing performance of these four points is good, it is not easy to tear, so the load-bearing performance will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, we do a fork treatment on the handle, which is very useful to improve the load-bearing performance of the non-woven bag.

3. Carry the cart to the bottom or a full circle

As mentioned above, ordinary non-woven bags will bear the load on the four points of the handle during the movement. If we put the cart to the bottom of the bag or wrap the bag in a full circle, the load-bearing area of u200bu200bthe non-woven bag will be reduced. The increase is many times, and it will not be supported by the four points at the handle alone. The entire front and back of the bag will be shared, so the load-bearing performance is greatly enhanced. Huanya Packaging has done a test. The 30*40*10 non-woven bag is wrapped around the whole non-woven bag by hand, and 30kg of bricks are placed in the non-woven bag. When pedestrians move at normal speed, the non-woven bag is Does not tear or break under tension.

In recent years, with the rapid improvement and progress of the processing level of non-woven bags, the load-bearing capacity of non-woven bags is also getting better and better. The bags made of non-woven bags not only have very good load-bearing capacity, And it is strong and durable, which can meet people's needs, so its application scope is also expanding!

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