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How to distinguish the quality of non-woven bags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-22

Since the 'Plastic Restriction Order' in 2008, the non-woven bag business has been advancing rapidly for five or six years. More and more owners need to customize non-woven bags and non-woven bags, and some owners may be the first The second custom-made non-woven bag bag, there is no very clear and detailed custom-made assembly line, it is possible to suffer from a dumb loss occasionally, the above is about the experience of the vast depositors.

1. Shop around, compare or take photos of cost-effectiveness in the process of sales or sales.

Non-woven bags Non-woven bags are just like shopping in the market, and you should compare the selection of goods. For the same item, if you have more sellers to choose from, you will have more impressions and more opportunities to choose. After comparing the items of multiple sellers, you can see which seller's skills and price are more cooperative. More market location.

2. Understand the quality of non-woven bags, the weight of non-woven bags has thickness, and there are differences between new materials and old materials.

The thickness of non-woven fabrics is usually determined by the weight per hectare, and the rare ones on the market are 60~150g. Quality can be divided into new material and old material. According to the size of the non-woven bag, once the bag is made of new material and the old material, there will be a difference of 0.05 yuan to 0.1 yuan in profit inside and outside. If the quality requirements for non-woven bags are relatively high, it should be more comprehensive to understand whether the fabric is a new material. The owner is able to ask the manufacturer before asking the directions whether the new material can be used. One is to ensure whether the non-woven bag is good or not, and the other is to prevent the loss of silence and avoid unnecessary dangers.

3. Request for proofing, in the process of placing an order to make goods, please request the manufacturer to make pre-production samples according to the customized request.

Now there is a strong cooperation in the non-woven bag ordering business. In order to successfully accept the order, some manufacturers may quote the profit price or even the discounted price to the owner, and then stop cutting corners in the non-woven bag production process. Means of increasing profits have been reached. In order to prevent the occurrence of this situation, the manufacturer must make a prenatal sample before customizing the non-woven bag, not only to ensure the authenticity of the manufacturer, but also to ensure the quality of the goods.

4. The environment promises to give priority to old suppliers.

Because non-woven bags and non-woven bags have many choices, some owners will often change non-woven bag manufacturers. Sometimes it is not advisable to place an order to a non-woven bag manufacturer with a low price if the old supplier's quotation can be one or two cents cheaper than the other supplier. If the old supplier does not choose another supplier because of the quality of the bag, but only because of a cent or two, the result may be a waste of money, and the gains and losses are equal.

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