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How to distinguish between hot air non-woven fabric and spunbond non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-16

1. The difference in feel

The most direct way is to touch it with your hands. The hot air non-woven diaper will feel softer and more comfortable, and the spunbond non-woven fabric will feel more comfortable. Harder.

2. Gently pull

Get the diaper, gently pull the surface of the diaper, the hot air non-woven fabric can easily pull out the silk, if it is a spunbond non-woven fabric It is difficult to pull out the whole piece of silk.

In fact, no matter how you say it, babies are not used to wearing diapers and feel uncomfortable. My mother knows from the experience of using sanitary napkins. Therefore, when mothers choose diapers for their babies, they must choose soft and comfortable diapers, so that the baby's comfort will be improved!

It is reported that in order to dissipate the sultry moisture inside the baby when wearing diapers in time, the microfiber hot air non-woven fabric technology is used, which can play a better role in ventilation and ventilation. It can effectively relieve the stuffy and wet environment of the baby's butt, greatly reduce the possibility of red buttocks, and at the same time, the bottom film feels softer, so that it can touch the baby's skin with zero friction.

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