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How to deal with pp non-woven scraps

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-03

Due to the wide application of non-square cloth, many manufacturers will inevitably produce some non-square cloth scraps in the production process. Although they are leftover materials, they can also be turned into high-quality finished products after careful processing. However, the price of non-square cloth scraps, such as pp non-woven scraps, is much lower than that of non-scratch materials. The finished fabric is very cost-effective.

PP non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric made of polypropylene, and many industries are using pp non-woven fabric products. Under normal circumstances, if a buyer searches for the price of Wufang cloth on Baidu, including the price of finished products made of pp non-woven scraps, the expensive one will be four or five million yuan per kilogram, which is used for aerospace, and there are also five or six hundred yuan. For one kilogram, this is the price of non-square cloth calculated by weight, that is, the thickness of the non-square cloth has a cost, which must be included in the price; there is also the price of non-square cloth calculated by area, that is, the thickness of the cloth can be ignored, because The thickness does not have much impact on the cost, such as two or three yuan per square meter, twenty or thirty yuan per square meter, or several hundred yuan per square meter, and so on.

As a leftover material, the price of the purchased material is low, but the price of the finished product is as mentioned above. Is there a large profit margin? Of course, some of the finished non-woven fabrics require high quality, except those that cannot be made of non-woven fabric scraps such as pp non-woven fabric scraps! Therefore, using Wufang cloth leftovers to make a variety of finished non-woven fabrics, such as environmentally friendly shopping bags, clothing linings, packaging linings, etc., the profit margin is really gratifying!

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