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How to compound hot melt adhesive film with non-woven fabric?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-08
Since there are certain differences in the production process and compounding conditions of different users, this article only shares one of the simpler compounding methods.


Material Type: The composite material is non-woven and non-woven

Hot Melt Adhesive Type: Hot Melt Mesh Film

Compounding equipment: multifunctional composite machine (take the multifunctional composite machine used in our composite workshop as an example)

Composite task: use hot melt adhesive mesh to complete the composite bonding of non-woven fabrics

Use process:

Before starting compounding, you need to turn on the thermal machine of the compounding machine and adjust the relevant settings of the machine according to the temperature resistance of the material. After the machine is adjusted, you can first proofing to see the composite effect, if there is no problem, it will be officially composited.

Place the hot melt adhesive mesh in the middle of the non-woven fabric to be composited, and try to ensure the smoothness of the composite surface. It is placed on the conveyor belt of the compounding machine, heated and melted in an oven to complete the hot pressing, and the production line is dropped from the exit of the compounding machine, thus completing the compound bonding of the non-woven fabric. The entire composite process is relatively simple, as long as the composite settings of the device are debugged.

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