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How to calculate the gram weight of non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-29

The most commonly used fabric for non-woven bags is 75g fabric. For this gram weight, the general fabric factory will make a lot of inventory, because the more it is used, the more it is naturally prepared. Here comes the problem, some customers often ask about the price of 80g fabric. There is actually an unwritten agreement. It is called 75g in the industry, but it is generally called 80g outside the industry. In fact, we have been making non-woven bags for 14 years, and we have never used 80g of fabric. Unless the amount is relatively large, we will order a certain gram of fabric separately, usually thousands of bags or 10,000 to 20,000. Bags are basically produced with conventional gram weights. The first point is that the popular name of 80g actually refers to the non-woven fabric of 75g. In the industry, the most commonly used fabric is 75g, then the thicker fabric is 90g, and the thicker fabric is 120g. For outside the industry, these three gram weights actually refer to 80g, 100g, and 120g. Then 35g, 45g, 55g, and 65g are actually useful, but they are not so commonly used. Fabrics under 45g are basically not used to make bags alone, because the fabric is already very thin when it goes below this gram weight. Above 120g, it is rarely used, and the gram weight above is basically customized, and the cloth factory usually does not make fabrics above 120g.

Let's talk about the key point, how to calculate the gram weight of non-woven fabrics, in fact, this is very simple, you need to know what the unit of 75 or 90 or 120 is, then it is easy to know what these values u200bu200brefer to I get it, I usually say how many grams of this cloth is. In fact, its unit is g/square meter. 75g of cloth refers to 75g/square meter. It means that the weight of one square meter is 75g. And to distinguish the thickness of the fabric, except for non-woven fabrics, the calculation methods of other Oxford bags, nylon bags, cotton bags, and canvas bags are similar, but the units are different. So how exactly is it calculated? Now that you know the meaning of this unit, I believe the calculation should be very clear. If you want to calculate the gram weight of the cloth, it is a special measuring tool in the industry. You only need to intercept a small piece of cloth and weigh it on a sensitive electronic scale to know the gram weight of the cloth. This is a professional practice. We are facing the public. There are generally no professional interception tools. The conventional practice is to fold the fabric in half several times, and then cut out some pieces of the same size. Note that the cut pieces must be rectangular or square, so that the area of u200bu200bthe fabric can be easily calculated. For example, cut 10 pieces of cloth with a length of 10cm and a width of 8cm, and then weigh the weight of the 10 pieces of cloth to be 6g, then you can know that the original 10X0.1X0.8u003d0.08 square meters or 0.08 square meters of cloth weighs 6g , then 6g/0.08 square meter u003d 75g/square meter, of course, the more pieces of cloth you cut out, the more accurate the cut, and the more accurate the number you weigh.

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