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How non-woven products are antistatic

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-02

We often see anti-static non-woven fabrics on the Internet. Can non-woven fabrics really be anti-static? How is it done?

As we all know, static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon, which can be generated in many ways, such as contact, friction, peeling and so on. It can cause malfunction of the integrated circuit (IC) of electronic equipment or office automation equipment, destroy the storage, especially interfere with electromagnetic waves (EMI) and electrostatic induction (ESD). This not only damages the semiconductor device, but can also cause an accident. Therefore, antistatic conductive non-woven fabrics, films, sheets and other composite materials are used to shield electromagnetic waves and prevent electrostatic effects to reduce electrostatic disasters.

Non-woven textiles are naturally charged when rubbed. How to make the generated electrostatic charge leak quickly and avoid electrostatic hazards?

The ability of non-woven textiles to leak electrostatic charge is related to the specific resistance of non-woven textiles. In order to avoid unpleasant levels of electrostatic voltage, the specific resistance of non-woven textiles should be less than 1010Ω ·cm. Non-woven textiles that reach this specific resistance level under standard conditions (relative humidity 65%, 20 °C) are usually called antistatic non-woven textiles.

Generally, the specific resistance of non-woven textiles is more than 1013Ω·cm. By hygroscopic modification method and finishing with antistatic finishing agent, non-woven textiles can reach the level of antistatic. For example, the antistatic properties of non-woven fabrics can be improved by blending or copolymerizing modification of hydrophilic polyethylene glycol, sodium alkyl sulfonate, etc. with polymers.

Antistatic finishing agent, mainly refers to metal powder and inorganic substances such as carbon, polysiloxane compounds, surfactants, etc. At present, the most used is the external antistatic finishing agent. It is used for surface spraying in the production and processing of non-woven textiles; as additives and antistatic finishing agents in the processing of synthetic non-woven textiles, there are anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants. Among them, anionic antistatic agents have good thermal stability and are mostly used in the production and processing of non-woven textiles. It mainly includes higher alkyd ester (salt), aliphatic sulfonate, higher acid phosphate (salt). As the cation part of the counter ion, in addition to metal ions such as sodium and potassium, alkyl alcoholamines such as triethanolamine are also used.

Antistatic finishing agent developed by modern chemical industry has been widely used in non-woven textiles and plastic products. It plays a very good role in inhibiting the generation, accumulation and dissipation of static electricity. Antistatic finishing agent is a general term for substances used to suppress the static electricity generated on the surface of materials with good electrical insulation properties such as synthetic resins, or to eliminate the accumulated static electricity. They play a lot of roles in the production, processing and use of non-woven textiles and synthetic resin films, especially preventing the occurrence and accumulation of static electricity, and overcoming the charges generated by the friction of non-woven textiles. big.

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