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How non-woven fabrics prevent static electricity

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-26

The problem of static electricity generated by non-woven fabrics during use is a headache, and the impact of static electricity on the use of greening without turning back is not small, so what is the reason for static electricity?

1. Reasons:

There are many reasons for the formation of non-woven fabrics to generate static electricity, but the two most common ones are the following two situations: one is due to insufficient humidity in the air. The second is that when the non-woven fabric is produced, the fiber oil content is low and the antistatic agent content is low.

Second, measures:

According to the above two situations, there are also targeted treatment methods: one is to change the application environment of the non-woven fabric, for example, the non-woven fabric can be Move to a higher humidity center, or increase the water molecules in the air. The second is to add fiber oil to the non-woven fabric and add some electrostatic agents.

Once again, not only the reasons for the static electricity of non-woven fabrics are introduced, but also careful measures have been taken to reduce the static electricity of the cloth for these reasons, and the above measures do not affect the use of the cloth.

With the rapid operation of end-users of non-woven manufacturers' products, the market is getting bigger and bigger, and the growth rate is also very fast. The following are non-woven medical products: Medical Products Textiles (Products – Surgical Products (curtains, gowns, hats and masks), Wound Dressings (bandages, tapes, post-operative wound dressings, dressing pads and surgical wound dressings) and Incontinence products ( diapers and diapers) is the main disposable product market.

Non-woven fabrics, including chemical fibers and vegetable fibers, are produced on wet or dry paper machines with water or air as the suspending medium. Therefore, it is called non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric manufacturers are a new generation of environmental protection materials, which have the advantages of breathable and waterproof, environmentally friendly, flexible, non-toxic and tasteless, and cheap. It is a new generation of environmental protection materials. It is flexible, non-combustible, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, etc. If it is placed outdoors and synthesized naturally, its lifespan will only be 90 days. If it is placed indoors, it can be synthesized within 8 years. It is non-toxic and harmless when it is extinguished. It does not pollute the environment, so the environmental protection performance of non-woven fabrics is also in full view.

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