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How many square meters is a kilogram of non-woven fabrics?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-04

How many square meters is a kilogram of non-woven fabrics? Considering the difference in raw materials, specifications and processing techniques for producing non-woven fabrics, the amount of non-woven fabrics per square meter is usually different, but non-woven fabrics are sold on the market. One kilogram of cloth is about 13 or 14 square meters.

1kgu003d1000g, then divided by the gram weight g/㎡, it is the square number, but this is the theoretical value, there will be some discrepancies in practice, because the gram weight will have some errors.

How many square meters are in a kilogram of non-woven fabrics? The conversion of non-woven fabrics in kilograms and square meters is actually a basic common sense as a professional non-woven bag practitioner. In fact, you know a little about the weight of non-woven fabrics The unit of , for the conversion of kilograms and square meters, is extremely simple.

The parameter to measure the thickness and thinness of non-woven fabrics is the number of grams or gram weight, and its unit is g/square meter, such as 75g non-woven fabric, which means that the weight of non-woven fabric per square meter is 75g, So how many square meters are 1000g of non-woven fabrics? That is 1000g / 75g/square meter u003d 13.3 square meters. To sum up, it is the weight divided by the gram weight. The premise is that the unit must be converted into g first, and the answer is directly divided.

Depending on the type and thickness of non-woven fabrics, usually one kilogram of raw materials can be processed into non-woven products of 10 to 16 square meters. Reliable, customers who need to purchase non-woven fabrics suggest that consumers go to local non-woven fabric manufacturers to consult the actual price, and then choose non-woven products with guaranteed quality according to their needs and budget!

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