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How are low-cost non-woven fabrics made?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-16
Now there are a batch of non-woven fabrics with prices far lower than the market price. Many people are rushing to buy them as if they have found a great deal. Wenzhou Xinyu non-woven manufacturer will tell you what's going on.

At present, the raw material price of normal non-woven base fabric is 15,000-16,000/ton (domestic), 18,000-22,000/ton (import), and the gram weight cannot be lower than 130g/square, accessories, including ink , medium, foaming paste, gold powder, silver powder, etc. total about 50,000-55,000 / ton.

These may be too professional, if you say you don't understand, then put it another way: a manufacturer of the latest technology assembly line produces full load, and the quality yield reaches 99%. What is the original material cost of a truly qualified non-woven wallpaper? What? 18 yuan! For a penny less, you have to change to a cheap and inferior material!

Moreover, this price does not include water, electricity and gas, workers' wages, expenses and taxes, marketing management expenses, depreciation of machinery and equipment, China's largest factory, the most powerful technology, the most advanced technology, each cost and each item are at least To add 1 yuan, this way, at least, at least, the cost has reached 22.5 to 23. You have to ask, isn't the factory price of 15,18 non-woven?

Those manufacturers will not inform you that there is a kind of non-woven fabric called cotton swab paper, and a kind of non-woven fabric called traction paper! It still feels 'very thick'! That's because the proportion of chemical fiber inside has been increased to more than 80%, plus the low-emission technology of chemical fiber, chemical fiber shrinks, and although the gram weight is low, the thickness is thicker than the 130g base cloth.

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