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Greening non-woven fabrics: anti-cold, anti-freeze, dust-proof, protect lawn green plants

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-28

When the weather is cold and the ground is freezing, everything is afraid of severe cold, and snow is even colder. There is neither animal fur nor human cotton clothes in the tree garden. So what should we do? At this time, the trees can be covered with such a covering of cold-proof green non-woven fabrics.

We know that when it snows, people can wear down jackets. Small animals may use their hair to resist the cold. Some animals without hair may start hibernating early, but for some plants In other words, they may not be able to withstand the cold like other animals. They can only be established in the cold winter, and they can only endure severe cold in snowy days. Maybe trees are not lifeless. They are also afraid of severe cold. Long-term severe cold will also take away the life of the tree, causing the tree to die the next year. The reason is that it freezes to death. Spinning cloth to defend against cold.

Speaking of this cold-proof green non-woven fabric, this cold-proof green non-woven fabric is now used in many places. This kind of non-woven fabric is easy to use and not easy to break, unlike some plastics The bag is easy to be punctured. This kind of cold-proof green non-woven fabric has a certain toughness no matter how you pull it, and for the cold-proof green non-woven fabric, the air permeability is also quite good, as long as people use it. Feel the help that cold-proof and green non-woven fabrics bring to people. Many vegetable farmers have already covered the vegetables and fruits in their homes with this kind of cold-proof green non-woven, in order to prevent the cold in winter from causing these vegetables to deteriorate and be destroyed.

Uses of green non-woven fabrics

The main functions and uses of green non-woven fabrics are: used in landscaping, or the construction of urban green belts, as well as a function of crop protection from cold and frost Strong non-woven fabric. Now it has a high production technology, and can be used in various greening constructions. It is a product with a low market price and a large role in the current market. So very popular.

The cold protection effect of green non-woven fabrics

The role of green non-woven fabrics in preventing cold and freezing, now many places will use this kind of non-woven fabrics that are both thermally insulated and beautiful. It is not necessary to think that such green non-woven fabrics covered on plants will cause hypoxia to the plants, in fact, they will not, because of the cold, green, no yarn and waterproof treatment, can not cause the moisture and air in them to communicate with the outside world Isolation only plays a role in resisting cold, so it is called 'greening'. Many people can use this material for greening and frost protection of crops, and they can afford it, at least without worrying about the price.

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