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Generally speaking, the larger the number of grams of non-woven fabric, the better the quality.

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-28

Many customers will be entangled in a question of gram weight. They often ask how much is the price difference between 80g non-woven fabric and 100g non-woven fabric, whether the heavier the gram, the better. Regarding this question, first of all, everyone has a common sense , Certainly the larger the gram, the higher the bag price. From this point of view, the larger the non-woven gram, the better the corresponding fabric. The thicker and more durable the fabric is, the cost will naturally increase. .

Since the larger the number of grams, the better, why is 80g used the most instead of 100g and 120g? As a cheap, environmentally friendly and degradable fabric, the non-woven fabric itself is destined not to be reused too many times. Generally, it is used as a gift bag to give along with the sales items. It needs to take into account the function of gift advertising and has to consider the price. . Generally speaking, the 80g non-woven fabric feels neither thick nor thin, and the load-bearing is at least 3kg, and the general load is not heavy, so this gram-weight non-woven fabric is basically capable of 85% of the use.

If the 100g non-woven fabric is used, the fabric is obviously thicker and gives a more upscale feel. If the product is of a higher grade and needs a better quality gift bag, then 100g can be considered Non-woven bags are used to make bags. For an ordinary non-woven bag with a size of 30 width X38 height X 12cm side, the difference between the 80g material and the 100g material is only about 0.2 yuan.

In addition, some customers choose to use 120g fabric. When the non-woven fabric reaches 120g, you will feel that the gram-weight fabric is obviously much harder and thicker, a bit like the illusion of cardboard. For 120g non-woven fabrics, the impact of sewing can not be ignored, it will be more difficult to car, the direct manifestation is the decrease of sewing speed, the increase of sewing cost, but the bag that comes out of the car does give people the feeling that It is very kind, and the difference in quality and grade is also very obvious. Like ordinary non-woven bags 30 wide X38 high X12cm side, if 80g and 120g are used, the price difference will go to about 0.5 yuan

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