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Fruit bag non-woven fabric - protect the healthy growth of fruits and vegetables

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-17
Fruit bag non-woven fabric is a bag specially used for fruits and vegetables, which can effectively protect fruits and vegetables from pests and prevent the pollution of fruits by external sundries.

What are the advantages of non-woven fruit bag:

1. Fruit bag non-woven fabric is a kind of special waterproof and breathable material. It is a kind of non-woven fabric specially processed and customized according to the special growth characteristics of grapes. According to the diameter of water vapor molecules is 0.0004 microns, the diameter of light mist is 20 microns when the diameter of rain is the smallest, and the diameter of drizzle is as high as 400 microns. 10,000 times, so it can be waterproof and breathable. Since rainwater cannot erode, it can significantly reduce the degree of disease.

2. Special bagging for insect control and anti-bacteria to prevent insects, improve the brightness of the fruit surface and reduce the erosion of fungal diseases.

3. Bird-proof special bag for bird-proof, the paper bag becomes brittle after being exposed to sunlight, and then becomes soft and soft when it is washed by rain. When the bag is broken, various problems and diseases will occur, reducing the In terms of fruit quality and yield, the special bagging has good toughness and is not afraid of sunlight and rain, so small birds cannot break it, which can save the cost of bird-proof nets and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Four, light transmission ① The special bagging has light transmission performance, the paper bag is opaque, and the internal growth cannot be seen. The special bagging is translucent, so the ripeness and disease of the fruit can be seen, so as to facilitate timely treatment. ② It is especially suitable for sightseeing picking gardens. The paper bag cannot be seen inside, and tourists do not belong to the characteristics of grape growth, so it is messy picking. The special bag can be used to know whether it is ripe or not without taking off the bag, which reduces the labor of growers. ③ The special bagging has a high transmittance to natural light, which significantly increases the content of soluble solids, anthocyanins, and vitamin C in berries, improves the comprehensive fresh food quality of grapes, and improves the degree of coloration.

5. Improving the micro-domain environment Special bagging can effectively improve the micro-domain environment for grape ear growth. Due to good air permeability, the changes in humidity and temperature inside the fruit bag are milder than those in the paper bag, and the extreme temperature and humidity persist In a short time, the fruit ears can grow well, which improves the comprehensive fresh food quality of the grapes.

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