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Four characteristics of the production and use of non-woven products

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-02

Non-woven manufacturers analyze the four major characteristics of the production and use of non-woven products: due to the huge advantages of non-woven products in production and use, they are widely used in shopping bags in supermarkets and protective clothing in hospitals. , greenhouse planting, clothing and other industries have significant effects. What are the advantages that make non-woven fabrics so favored and optimistic? Where are his advantages?

1. The environmentally friendly non-woven fabric produced is a dry-laid non-woven product, which does not use water in the production process and will not pollute water or air, which is one of the prerequisites for vigorous promotion;

2. The environmentally friendly non-woven products used are not like other plastic products, which are difficult to degrade. Non-woven fabrics are highly degradable non-chemical products. Time, it will degrade, and plastic products are different, the better the quality, the more difficult to degrade, as long as several decades;

3. Strong plasticity Due to the green life we u200bu200badvocate now, people's awareness of their own health status is also increasing, and the use of disposable non-woven products can not only meet this requirement, but also the cost will not rise too much ;

4. Good thermal insulation performance Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. said that with the rise of agricultural vegetable greenhouses, if you want to change the limit of the crop growth cycle, it is necessary to properly control the temperature, and all thermal insulation materials The thermal insulation performance of the coated non-woven fabric is stronger and better, and the cost and service life are more practical than forage or thermal insulation;

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