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Five important considerations for choosing medical nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-18

With the deepening of the industry's understanding of medical packaging materials, non-woven fabrics have been used more and more as sterilization packaging materials. There are many technical considerations behind the choice of a packaging material. Here are five important factors to share with you (see the figure below).

1. Effective microbial barrier, providing long-term sterile effectiveness. Domestically, Staphylococcus aureus droplets are usually used for wetness testing, and quartz powder mixed with spores of withered black mutants is used for dryness testing. Foreign testing institutions such as Nelson Laboratory in the United States and ISEGA in Europe use the aerosol method for testing. The aerosol method takes into account the kinetic energy factor and presents a higher challenge to the test of the sterile effectiveness of packaging materials.

2. Effective sterilization factor penetration to ensure the thoroughness of sterilization. Barrier and penetration are a pair of contradictions, but a good barrier should not hinder the effective penetration of sterilization factors. Because thorough sterilization cannot be achieved, the subsequent maintenance of sterility of surgical instruments has become a tree without roots.

3. Good flexibility, taking care of the convenience of use. Some brands of non-woven fabrics have plant fibers added to improve the feel, but it is worth noting that such non-woven fabrics may not be suitable for plasma sterilization. Plant fibers will adsorb hydrogen peroxide and cause sterilization failure, and residual hydrogen peroxide may also cause occupational injuries such as burns.

4. Non-toxic and harmless, no sterilization factor residue, providing safety guarantee for both doctors and patients. This includes not only the packaging material itself is not irritating, but also does not absorb sterilization factors. For low-temperature sterilization, the sterilant is toxic, so it is required that the packaging material should not have a large amount of residual sterilant.

5. Excellent mechanical strength, allowing the surgical pack to be transported safely. The sterilization package will face the challenges of various external forces during transportation, which requires medical packaging materials to have certain tensile strength, tear strength, burst strength and wear resistance to cope with environmental or operational conditions. challenge.

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