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Environmentally friendly recycling non-woven fabric - PET non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-13
PET non-woven fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled non-woven fabric. Its yarn is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and cola bottles. It is also commonly known as cola bottle environmental protection cloth. This product is very popular in foreign countries, especially developed countries in Europe and America because it is waste recycling.

Pet non-woven fabric is the main material of common clothing, bags, tents and other products, and the application industries are as follows:

Industry categories: mountaineering bags, shoulder bags, school bags, pencil bags, children's backpacks, fashion bags, camera backpacks, computer bags, trolley cases, suitcases, shopping bags, handbags, gift bags, drawstring bags, cosmetic bags, storage bags Boxes, luggage linings, ice packs, medical bags, etc.;

Clothing: down (cold-proof) clothing, windbreaker, jacket, beach shorts, swimwear, anti-static overalls, fashion, robes, pajamas, sportswear, etc.; Home textiles: four-piece bed sets, blankets, toys, cars Cover cushions, sofa fabrics, fashion chair covers, aprons, umbrellas, curtains, wipes, tablecloths in western restaurants, pillows, backrests, strollers, etc.;

Others: tents, sleeping bags, hats, shoes, car accessories, etc.
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