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Development of Nonwoven Production in China

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-21

1. China has a broad market for development

(1) At present, China's economy is developing rapidly, and the income of residents is also increasing. First, China's engineering construction has become an inexhaustible driving force for national development. The Three Gorges Project , real estate development, environmental protection engineering, and infrastructure are on the rise, and modern construction methods such as continuous flat houses and lightweight structures with increasingly large areas have been widely used, increasing the quality requirements for roof waterproofing. Using polyester spunbond needle-punched non-woven fabric as the base, matching with APP and SBS modified asphalt, it can produce high-quality waterproof membrane, which will bring huge market space. The second is the rapid development of China's transportation industry. China will produce several million cars every year. At the same time, people buy a large number of cars, and each car uses more than ten kilograms of non-woven fabrics as insulation materials, trunk materials, and carpets. , shockproof material, canopy material. China's progress in different fields will strongly stimulate the consumption of various hygienic absorbent products, medical and hygiene products, air filter materials, labor protection and sports products, as well as promote the consumption of geotextiles, waterproof materials, filter materials, and packaging materials. Caused by the fierce competition among enterprises, competing to lower prices, low efficiency, sluggish production and other problems, the market prospect of high-quality, multi-functional spunbond fabrics is promising. In the field of non-woven production, only products with high performance, high added value and meeting the needs of special fields can bring more profits to enterprises.

(2) Non-woven fabrics for disposable hygiene products are the largest consumable market. The demand for sanitary napkins and baby diapers in China is huge. The annual consumption of sanitary napkins in China is 39.9 billion pieces, with a market penetration rate of 61.4%; the consumption of baby diapers is 4.17 billion pieces, with a market penetration rate of 9.43%; the consumption of sanitary pads is 178%. The market penetration rate is 6.17%; the consumption of adult diapers (including diapers) is 118 million, and the sales of nursing pads are 233 million. This will make heavy use of airlaid, calendered, SMS cloth. It can be seen that China has a broad development space for the non-woven market. We have occupied the market, and the domestic production cannot fully meet the stimulation of the above-mentioned demand. As the upstream industry of the non-woven industry, the domestic chemical fiber industry is developing very rapidly. Therefore, the development potential of the non-woven industry will be huge.

2. The development direction of China's non-woven production There have been non-woven handbags made of polypropylene and polyester in the market. The handbags are not easily wetted by water and are suitable for clothing, cotton wool The disposable packaging of high-grade knitwear such as quilts is cheap and can be reused. It can replace paper handbags and the price is slightly lower than that of high-grade copper paper paper bags. The service life is longer than that of paper handbags. Accepted by the western market, it has become an internationally recognized environmentally friendly product that protects the earth's ecology. In the process of development, the color and pattern of the non-woven handbag have become colorful, showing the characteristics of rich, bright and bright, and the flocked non-woven fabric is more solemn and elegant. Nowadays, a number of well-known brands of clothing companies such as St. Paul, Woodpecker, Pedromont, Valentino, B2, Yidianhong, French Ship King have chosen non-woven handbags as the packaging handbags for their brand clothing. It can be seen that the market of non-woven handbags and suit bags is broad, and the technical content of the production links such as raw material procurement, typesetting and printing, sewing and processing is not high, and involvement in the production of non-woven handbags has become the development direction of non-woven production in China. At the same time, starting from the future, the number of non-woven needle-punched filter materials in China will further develop. The annual output, market and sales volume of the country may exceed 20 million m2. The country will further develop new varieties of high-quality and high-performance filter materials. And combined with other fiber materials to make a composite needle-punched filter felt.

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