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Details that need to be paid attention to when pasting non-woven wallpaper

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-31

Non-woven wallpaper is used by more families because of its pure color, strong material, comfortable touch, sound absorption and ventilation, etc., so how to paste non-woven wallpaper?

How to paste non-woven wallpaper:

1. Wallpaper cropping

The number of the non-woven wallpaper represents its color. If you choose a different color, then select it according to its number first, so as not to stick it wrong. Then measure the dimensions of the wall to be pasted and cut the wallpaper according to its height. Note that the wallpaper should be set aside 5 cm more than the top and bottom of the wall, and do not cut a roll of wallpaper at one time, so as not to match the size and cause the whole roll to be wasted.

2. Wall treatment

Before sticking wallpaper, you want to make the wall smooth, clean and dry, and to ensure that the color of the wall is uniform, so before sticking wallpaper, you should do base film treatment on the wall, that is, brush varnish.

3. Brush wallpaper glue

Before the wallpaper and the wall are glued together. Non-woven wallpaper paste requires non-woven wallpaper glue, and the glue can not be directly applied to the back of the wallpaper, it needs to be painted on the wall covering, and it needs to be evenly coated with 2mm. When pasting non-woven wallpaper, the glue is required to be thicker and thicker than other wallpaper glues, so that the fluidity of the glue is not so strong.

4. Paste wallpaper

When pasting wallpapers, paste them in the order programmed in advance to avoid mistakes.

5. Construction wallpaper cutting

There are patterns on the wallpaper, so the wallpaper needs to be cut by the edges in the splicing type, generally the edge is 2-3 cm, and the specific edge depends on the pattern. Plain non-woven fabrics need to be pasted by the method of positive and negative sticking. After the pattern is good, the excess part should be pressed with support for cutting. When cutting, avoid cutting at the outer corner, otherwise it will easily cause the wallpaper to curl up at the outer corner. The knife for cutting wallpaper must be sharp, and it can be broken with one cut, leaving no burrs and not too much damage to the wall.

6. Clean the wallpaper after sticking

Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. reminds that if there is dust on the surface after pasting the wallpaper, it can be cleaned with a short-bristle brush or a sheet.

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