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Daily maintenance method of non-woven equipment

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-21

Just like people, machinery and equipment need to be regularly maintained to maintain performance, and non-woven equipment also needs to be maintained to maintain a good workload in the textile production process. Today, the non-woven fabric manufacturer will tell you the daily maintenance method of non-woven equipment.

1) The non-woven equipment is neat a) The raw materials are stacked neatly. b) Maintenance tools and spare parts are stored in the tool box. c) The plastic turnover baskets are neatly stacked, and the sanitary utensils are neatly placed in the designated positions. d) It is strictly forbidden to place flammable materials, and it is strictly forbidden to place tools and accessories on the machine table. e) Spare parts should be kept clean, oiled and rust-proof, and stored neatly at the designated location. f) The parts of the whole machine are in good condition.

2) Cleaning of non-woven equipment a) Clean the product contact surface on the production line before starting the machine, so that it is clean and free of debris. b) The appearance and surrounding site are clean and free of debris and oil. c) Clean the back transmission chamber, the surface of the machine body, the spur gear box, the differential motor, and the synchronizing wheel. d) The external surface of the machine is hygienic, cleaning the passage, below the machine, and cleaning the walls of the window sill. e) The electronic control device should be kept clean and complete.

3) Lubrication of non-woven equipment a) Each cutter, counter-cut drum and linoleum should be kept moist and lubricating oil should be added in time. b) Check the lubrication condition of the chain and add lubricating oil if it is insufficient. c) Check whether the main bearing is well lubricated and whether there is high temperature or abnormal sound. d) Only use water and alcohol when scrubbing rubber parts, plastic parts and painted parts.

4) Non-woven equipment safety a) If abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the production line, stop and adjust in time. b) All belts and timing belts are in normal working condition. c) The inner and outer cutters are adjusted properly. d) Regularly inspect the operation of electrical equipment. e) Check the working status of the electric control cabinet, the electric control components on the console, the motors, and the solenoid valves at any time. f) Regularly observe the working conditions of each part, and if any abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance. g) The whole machine has no failed parts.

Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. reminds that when maintaining the equipment, it is also necessary to record the relevant maintenance records clearly, completely and correctly.

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