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Consumption prospects of polypropylene non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-12

Introduction: PP fiber (ie polypropylene) refers to a fiber product made from PP by melt spinning. Because the fiber has many excellent properties, it is widely used in the three fields of decoration, industry and clothing, and has become the second largest variety of synthetic fibers.

Polypropylene fiber material is mainly used to produce polypropylene fiber. Polypropylene fiber can be roughly divided into: polypropylene non-woven fabric (also known as non-woven fabric), BCF carpet silk, cigarette polypropylene tow, etc. Among them, the largest production volume is non-woven fabrics, accounting for more than 70% of the total products, mainly including the two terminal fields of installation industry, home packaging materials and medical and sanitary materials, among which the demand for non-woven fabrics for medical and sanitary materials There has been an upward trend for several years.

Characteristics of materials used in the non-woven industry

The ideal melt index of the raw materials in the non-woven industry is about 35-40, so that the quality of the product and the cost of production are low. However, the melting index of products produced by petrochemical enterprises is generally between 30-35 (such as YS835, S2040), or even as low as 25-30 (such as Z30S), so manufacturers need to add cooling masterbatch (adding cooling masterbatch) Cross-linking reaction occurs, reducing the viscosity of the resin) and other raw materials, which increases the production cost and reduces the product quality. In addition, the low melting index of raw materials is limited in the production of wider non-woven fabrics. Therefore, petrochemical enterprises have accelerated the development and promotion of raw materials with higher melting index.

Industrial cluster of non-woven industry

At present, the domestic polypropylene fiber industry presents a large number of manufacturers, small scale, strong regional distribution, miscellaneous use of raw materials, and uneven product grades specialty. In recent years, polypropylene fibers have developed rapidly. Enterprises set up factories nearby according to the target market, and most products are consumed nearby. From a geographical point of view, production enterprises were mainly located in coastal provinces and cities. With the development of the national economy, inland provinces have also developed rapidly in recent years.

Consumption prospects of non-woven fabrics

The main feature of non-woven fabrics is that they focus on high-tech penetration and the use of new materials. It is widely used in aerospace and other industries and is an important industrial textile. Compared with products with the same function, it has higher added value and high-efficiency competitive advantages. Among polypropylene products, the current consumption of fiber materials still maintains a good development momentum, and the continuous expansion and upgrading of non-woven application fields have played a greater role in the demand for fiber materials. With the release of the second-child policy in China, the demand for maternal and child products such as wet wipes and diapers will continue to grow, which will drive the development of non-woven fabrics and polypropylene fiber materials to maintain good prospects.

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