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Construction requirements standard for non-woven wallpaper

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-02

Non-woven wallpaper is based on pure non-woven paper, the surface is printed with water-based ink and then coated with special materials, which are specially processed. It has the advantages of sound absorption, ventilation, moisture dissipation, and no deformation. However, non-woven wallpaper also has certain skills and requirements in construction. Below, Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. will introduce it to you:

1. Treatment and requirements for walls

The wall surface must be flat without unevenness, dirt or peeling and other bad conditions: the color of the wall surface is uniform, smooth, clean and dry, and the yin and yang angles are vertical; Do not add water to the membrane); before the construction of the wallpaper, the quality of the wall should be checked to ensure that the wall meets the requirements and is dry.

2. Construction procedures

①Check the cut paper:

To check the product identification and read the construction instructions, it must be cut and used in the order of product batch number, box number and volume number. Measure the length of cutting paper according to the height of the working wall, and the pattern above the wallpaper should be a complete pattern, and the position should be appropriate. When cutting, compare the pattern with the previous product, the position is correct, the length is appropriate, and the direction mark is made at one end. When placing it after cutting, the curvature should be enlarged as much as possible, and be careful not to cause crease marks and affect the decorative effect.


Because of its good air permeability and strong hygroscopicity, non-woven wallpaper is different from other wallpapers. It should be thicker and thicker than other wallpapers, which will reduce its fluidity. Glue. Never brush the glue directly on the back of the non-woven fabric, let alone soak it in water.


Start the papering from the inner corner of the room, and use an infrared level to compare and measure (to prevent the wallpaper from tilting due to the non-straight inner corner). Using a brown bristle brush, flatten the wallpaper and scrape out any air bubbles. Do not use hard tools such as scrapers to prevent surface fibers from fluffing. Front and back '↑↓' products need to be paved in one positive and one reverse direction, and each wallpaper should be tailor-made on the same side.

④Seam treatment:

The joints can be compacted with a soft rubber roller. It is forbidden to overflow the glue at the joints to avoid affecting the effect of the product.

⑤Wide product construction:

The construction of wide-width non-woven paper needs to be lapped on the wall, and the edge of the blade should be kept sharp when cutting or lapping, so as not to affect the seam effect. In order to keep the seam vertical, use a tailor's shovel or a steel ruler to prevent the problem of the seam not running straight. After trimming, take out the trimmed parts on both sides, and press the seam with a soft rubber roller to prevent the glue from overflowing at the seam.

3. After construction

After the construction is completed, close the doors and windows for 48 hours, strictly prohibit ventilation, and let the wallpaper dry naturally in the shade. In order to prevent uneven drying and shrinkage caused by the seam. If there is dust on the surface, use a short-bristle brush or duster to flick it, and do not wipe with a wet towel to cause pollution to expand.

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