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Common process of non-woven bag printing

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-28

There are three common printing processes for non-woven bags. The first one is the most used and the most simple and common. It is called screen printing. This printing feature is that only solid colors can be printed. , If there are 5 colors, it has to be scraped 5 times, so the color of this printing method should not be too many, generally not more than 5 colors, otherwise the cost will be relatively high.

The second type that is used more is lamination printing, also known as copperplate printing. This printing color is almost unlimited and is suitable for more complex printing with gradient patterns. The order quantity is large, generally 5,000 bags, and copper plates need to be made. The copper plate production cycle depends on the printing color. The more colors, the more copper plates to be produced. Generally, the copper plate production time is 6~12 days, and the cost of the copper plate is basic. It is 1000 yuan/color. After the copper plate is made, the OPP film is printed on the machine. After printing, the OPP film and the non-woven fabric need to be combined together, and then the slitting and sewing.

The third most commonly used is thermal transfer printing, also known as heat transfer. Generally speaking, the cost of this printing method is relatively high. The advantage is that the surface of the non-woven fabric does not need to be coated with a layer of OPP. Film, and more complex colors can also use this process, this printing method, first need to do heat transfer according to the pattern, and then use the heat transfer machine to transfer the pattern to the non-woven fabric, because the heat transfer process Generally, a high temperature of about 220~240 degrees is required, and the effect is basically equivalent to transferring the pattern on the heat transfer sheet made in advance to the non-woven fabric, so this printing method is called thermal transfer. As for which printing process to use to print LOGO is better, it mainly depends on what your printing pattern is. There are only three common ones. If the number is not large, it is only a small LOGO with a solid color or less than five colors. Generally, screen printing is used. , If there are gradient colors and the number is not large (below 5000), you can consider doing heat transfer. If the number is larger (more than 10,000), the color is more complex and the LOGO is larger, and it is preferred to do lamination printing. It is not clear, you can refer to more non-woven bag printing classification.

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