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Common problems encountered by non-woven manufacturers in the production process

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-17

Non-woven manufacturers are producing non-woven products for customers every day, and there will be some problems in the production process. We have summarized three small problems based on our production experience for your reference:

(1) Thickness of a single root: fibers with incomplete extension, such fibers are likely to cause abnormal dyeing, and have less impact on non-woven fabrics that do not require dyeing, but are used for artificial leather base fabrics. Cloth has a serious impact.

(2) Doubling: There are more than two or three fibers sticking together after extending. Such fibers are easy to cause abnormal dyeing and have less impact on non-woven fabrics that do not need to be dyed. Water needle cloth or needle punched cloth on artificial leather base cloth has a serious impact.

(3) Glue: Broken or entangled fibers during the extension process, so that the fibers are not extended to form hard cotton. This product can be divided into first-grade glue, second-grade glue, and third-grade glue status, etc. Such abnormal fibers are often deposited on the card clothing after the carding process, causing problems such as poor formation of the cotton mesh or broken mesh. This kind of raw material will cause serious quality defects to most non-woven products.

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