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Common calculation methods of non-woven prices

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-28

How much does a non-woven fabric cost per meter, for this problem, there is actually a problem with the problem itself. Specifically, if you ask how much one meter is, then you have to give two qualifications to calculate how much one meter is. The first is the width. The conventional width is 1.6 meters, and there are also 1.2 meters and 2.2 meters, which can also be customized. Other specified widths are very simple for the fabric factory; the second is to know how many grams of non-woven fabrics are, the most commonly used is 75g, then there are 90g, 120g, 55g, 45g, 40g and other others Gram weight. Without these two qualifications, it is a meaningless question to directly ask how much a non-woven fabric is per meter.

We take the conventional 75g 1.6 meter range as an example. The average market price of non-woven fabrics is about 13 yuan/kg. Since we know the unit price of kilograms, we can calculate 1 as long as we know the weight of 1 meter of cloth. The price of rice cloth. So how to calculate the weight of 1 meter of cloth, it is very simple that the area is (1.6X1)X75g/square meter u003d 120g, that is, 0.12kg is 13 yuan/kg, the weight of 1 meter of cloth is 0.12kg, then the price of 1 meter of cloth is 0.12kgX13 yuan/ kgu003d1.56 yuan.

Take a 45g non-woven fabric with a width of 2.2 meters as an example, the price of the fabric is also about 13 yuan/kg, and the weight of 1 meter of cloth u003d 1 meter long X 2.2 meters wide X 0.045kg/square meter u003d 0.099 kg Then the unit price of one meter of cloth is 0.099kgX13 yuan/kgu003d1.29 yuan.

Other grammage and width calculation methods are the same.

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