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Classification of non-woven bags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-17

Here, we first give a detailed introduction to the classification of non-woven bags, and hope to provide customers with some valuable information.

1. According to the appearance and shape:

1. Handle bag: It is the most common bag with two handles (the handles are also made of non-woven fabric), similar to ordinary paper bags.

2. Punching bag: There is no handle, only two holes are punched in the middle position of the upper part as a handle.

3. Rope pocket: During processing, a rope with a thickness of 4-5MM is inserted into both sides of the mouth of the bag, and it can be tightened when using, so that the mouth of the bag is in the shape of a lotus flower.

4. Wallet type: There are two plastic buckles on the bag body. The finished product is folded and buckled together. The whole is wallet-shaped, small and exquisite.

2. According to the processing method:

1. Seam: Seam is sewn by traditional flat car sewing machine. The finished product has good fastness and durability.

2. Ultrasonic hot pressing: the other is to use a special ultrasonic machine to heat and pressurize the non-woven material to make the non-woven material seamless, which can make lace, hollow and other effects. The advantage is that it is beautiful and the disadvantage is that it is firm Lack of degree, not durable.

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