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Classification method and grade of non-woven masterbatch

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-10

The color masterbatch of non-woven fabrics is a kind of masterbatch made by adding color colorants to plastic as the base material. Color masterbatches are used in non-woven fabrics. The classification methods of color masterbatch are commonly used as follows:

Classified by carrier: such as PE masterbatch, PP masterbatch, ABS masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, EVA masterbatch, etc.

Classified by use: such as registered color masterbatch, blow molding masterbatch, spinning masterbatch, etc.

Each variety can be divided into different grades, such as:

1. Advanced injection Masterbatch: used in cosmetic packaging boxes, toys, electrical surgery and other advanced products.

2. Ordinary injection masterbatch: used in general daily plastic products, industrial containers, etc.

3. Advanced blown film masterbatch: used for blow molding coloring of ultra-thin products.

4. Ordinary blown film color masterbatch: used for blow molding coloring of general packaging bags and woven bags.

5. Spinning masterbatch: used for spinning and coloring of textile fibers. The masterbatch has fine particle size, high concentration, strong tinting strength, good heat resistance and light resistance.

6. Low-grade masterbatch: used to manufacture low-grade products that do not require high color quality, such as trash cans, low-grade containers, etc.

7. Special color masterbatch: It is a color masterbatch manufactured by selecting the same plastic as the carrier according to the plastic varieties specified by the user for the product. For example, PP color masterbatch and ABS color masterbatch use PP and ABS as carriers respectively. Universal color masterbatch: A certain resin (often low-melting PE) is also used as a carrier, but it can be applied to the coloring of other resins other than carrier resins.

8. Universal color masterbatch: Universal color masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but has many shortcomings. It is recommended that users choose special color masterbatch. The heat resistance grade of the special color masterbatch is generally compatible with the plastic of the product, and it can be used with confidence under normal temperature. Only in the following cases will cause different degrees of discoloration, one is that the temperature exceeds the normal range, one is that the downtime is too long.

9. Compared with granulation coloring, masterbatch coloring has the following advantages:

(1) Coloring and product processing are completed at one time, avoiding the heating process of plastics by granulation coloring, It is beneficial to protect the quality of plastic products;

(2) to simplify the production process of plastic products;

(3) to save a lot of electricity.

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