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China's Meltblown Nonwoven Industry Development and Manufacturer Inventory

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-20

Melt-blown non-woven technology has been introduced to China for only a few decades. In 1994, China introduced the meltblown production line. At the beginning of development, due to the high purchase price of equipment and high production and operation costs, the price of meltblown products was high, and the lack of understanding of product performance and use made the meltblown market delayed.

In view of the properties of meltblown non-woven fabrics, its development is inextricably linked with public events, which usually accelerates the development of the meltblown industry. For example, bird flu has restricted poultry breeding, and the amount of down is small and high in price. The thermal insulation cotton of meltblown/3D crimped polyester staple fiber composite for quilts came into being. The outbreak of the Ebola epidemic has increased the demand for barrier filter materials. In the fight against SARS, meltblown and SMS non-woven fabrics have been re-understood and favored by the market due to their excellent protection and isolation functions, which led to a round of large-scale expansion.

In recent years, haze control has received national attention and widespread social attention. The demand for mask cloth, air filter materials, sewage treatment materials and other products has continued to expand, and the consumption has increased, which has promoted the output of the meltblown industry. growth and expansion of application areas. With the continuous development of meltblown technology, the application of meltblown non-woven fabrics is also expanding and extending to more fields. Currently, this trend is still developing.

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, due to the 'tepid' development of China's meltblown nonwovens industry for a long time, the overall production capacity was relatively small, and the number of large domestic manufacturers of meltblown fabrics was not large. The industry as a whole presents a small and scattered situation.

According to the statistics of the Industrial Textiles Industry Association, the production capacity of China's meltblown non-woven fabrics reached 83,240 tons in 2018, and the actual output was 53,523 tons. As of the end of December 2018, there were only 61 domestic continuous meltblown nonwoven manufacturers, 9 less than the previous year, and 136 production lines, 2 less than the previous year. In earlier 2015, the number of such meltblown cloth production lines was 145.

Currently domestic meltblown fabric manufacturers include Hengtian Jiahua Nonwoven Co., Ltd., Tianjin Taida Clean Materials Co., Ltd., Berry International Group, Shandong Junfu Nonwoven Co., Ltd., Xinlong Holdings (Group ) Co., Ltd., Dalian Ruiguang Group, Quantum Jinzhou (Tianjin) Nonwovens Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jingfa Industrial Co., Ltd., Chengdao New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Dalian Hualun Nonwoven Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiarui Filtration Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Liyang, Suzhou Jiahe, Jiangyin Anliwei, etc.

Since the Spring Festival, these companies have worked overtime, tried every means to ensure the production of meltblown cloth, tried every means to increase production capacity, and contributed to the fight against the epidemic.

Berry International Group (Berry), a leader in the world's top 40 non-woven fabrics, put into operation a new Refine meltblown line in Foshan Nanhai factory in 2019, and now this meltblown line is fully powered , to fully produce medical meltblown filter materials.

According to Mr. Cui Yanzhao, general manager of Berry HHS business unit in China, the company's patented Meltex electrostatic electret meltblown material can provide excellent filtering effect, with a maximum interception efficiency of 99.97% for 0.3 micron particles. At present, they produce 1 ton of this material every day, which can make about 1 million medical surgical masks or 300,000-500,000 N95 masks.

The mask filter material produced by Dalian Ruiguang Group, glued, heat-sealed, film-coated protective clothing, and isolation clothing fabrics have been tested by the Liaoning Provincial Quality Inspection Center and meet the technical standards of YY0469 medical surgical masks and GB19082 disposable medical protective clothing. technical standard. At present, the daily output of mask filter material is 8-9 tons, which can be used by mask processing enterprises to produce about 8-9 million masks; various protective fabrics can produce more than 30 tons per day, and more than 200,000 pieces of isolation clothing and protective clothing can be produced; Towel material can produce more than 200 tons per day.

It is especially worth mentioning that the key technology of meltblown is electret. Dalian Ruiguang has increased the production of mask meltblown materials by 30% through the secondary research and development of electret formulation and process optimization. It is currently in a state of full production.

At present, 5 non-woven production lines of Hengtian Jiahua have been put into operation, providing 120 tons of non-woven products of medical hygiene materials to customers all over the country every day. As a filter material for 32 million ordinary medical masks.

TEDA urgently launched four production lines according to the development of the epidemic, with a daily production capacity of 10 tons, which is used for the production of 7 to 8 million masks. And the filter materials for medical masks it produces can meet the European and American EN14683, ASTM2100 standards and China YY-0469, GB-19083 standards, and the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), particle filtration efficiency (PFE) and virus filtration efficiency (VFE) can reach 99. %above.

Shandong Junfu Nonwoven Co., Ltd. currently has 7 meltblown production lines with a daily output of 15 tons. The bacterial barrier rate of its meltblown fabrics has reached more than 95%, which are all in line with medical grades.

Xinlong and Zaisheng Technology have 2 and 4 meltblown cloth production lines respectively, with a daily output of about 4 tons and 8 tons respectively.

Quantum Jinzhou resumed production on the third day of the Lunar New Year, and urgently opened a new production line to achieve highly automated production. At present, the two production lines produce 4 tons of melt-blown high-efficiency filter materials per day, and basically deliver three to four vehicles per day.

It is praised that the new material invested capital to upgrade the production line, expanded the original one mask meltblown cloth production line to 3, and increased the daily output of high-quality meltblown cloth to 3 tons, and had to give up some Production orders with higher output and higher value, instead, go all out to produce high-quality meltblown nonwovens (BFE99 and KN95).

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