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Characteristics of PE/PP Double Spunbond Fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-15

I believe that many friends don't know much about PE/PP double-group spunbond fabric. PE/PP double-group spunbond fabric is made of PE polyethylene and PP polypropylene by spunbonding method. structure. Different from traditional PP spunbond cloth and hot air cloth, PE/PP double-group spunbond cloth has the characteristics of soft hand and smooth touch, good thermal bonding, high tensile strength, safety, no additives and no stimulation, so let's analyze it in detail today. Safe, no added and no irritation.

Now the safety awareness of the whole people is improving, and consumers have put forward higher requirements for safety when purchasing diapers. Then in the actual production and sales of diapers, non-woven fabrics are required to have better safety.

Everyone knows that in PP spunbond non-woven fabrics, in order to achieve better softness, various additives must be added. However, the PE/PP double-group spunbond fabric achieves better heat sealing and softness without any addition and modification in the application.

PE/PP bicomponent fiber is a skin-core composite structure, the core material is polypropylene (PP) (melting point about 165 ℃), and the skin material is polyethylene (PE) (melting point is about 130 ℃) ). During hot rolling and melting, using lower temperature, the skin layer is melted and bonded, and the performance of the core layer remains unchanged. It has good effect when bonding with glue, does not destroy the viscosity of glue, can prevent compound delamination, and prevent elastic creep. No need to add softeners, slip agents, elastomers and other auxiliaries.

PE/PP bi-component spunbond fabric has no additives in the production process, which just meets the safety requirements of diapers. During the storage process of the diaper, there is no precipitation of any additives, which will not affect the adhesion of the hot melt adhesive.

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