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Characteristics and certification standards of non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-20

1. The most basic characteristic indicators of non-woven fabrics are: quantitative, thickness, uniformity, moisture regain

2. Performance testing standards for non-woven fabrics: ① International Organization for Standardization: ISO

②World Nonwovens Industry Association: INDA

③European Association for Disposable Materials and Nonwovens: EDANA

④American Society for Testing and Materials: ASTM


⑤EU CE certification

⑥U.S. FDA certification

3. Quantity of non-woven fabrics: it is the so-called gram weight, which refers to the mass per unit area , the unit is grams per square meter (g/㎡).

4. Quantitative determination of non-woven fabrics: sampling, humidity adjustment, weighing, calculation of mass per unit area and CV value of coefficient of variation.

5. The thickness of the non-woven fabric: the distance between the two surfaces of the cloth under the specified pressure.

6. Non-woven fabrics can be divided into: 1. Fluffy non-woven fabrics: When the pressure of the non-woven fabrics increases from 0.1KPa to 0.5KPa, the compression ratio of its thickness reaches or exceeds 20% non-woven.

②Ordinary non-woven fabrics: fabrics other than fluffy non-woven fabrics.

7. Nominal thickness: the thickness measured under a certain pressure.

8. Absolute compressibility: the difference between the thickness and the nominal thickness measured under the condition of 10 times the preload pressure.

9. Relative compressibility: the ratio of absolute compressibility to nominal thickness.

10. Bulk density: the ratio of the quantitative sample to the volume occupied by the sample under the condition of nominal thickness.

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