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Can non-woven fabrics be degraded?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-29

Non-woven fabric is also called non-woven fabric (called in Taiwan), non-woven fabric (more formal scientific name) in the industry is called polypropylene spunbond staple fiber non-woven fabric, which is called polypropylene as a raw material, and spunbond as a raw material. Process, short fiber is to describe its fiber properties, because the corresponding long fiber. Traditional fabrics, whether woven or knitted or other weaving methods, are processed in the process of fiber-spinning-weaving, while non-woven fabrics do not require the process of spinning, so they are called non-woven fabrics. The manufacturing process of non-woven fabrics, fiber forming-consolidation-post-processing, is mainly classified according to the method of consolidation and forming, mainly including spunbond, spunlace, needle punch, hot rolling, etc.

Whether it can be degraded mainly depends on the type of fiber. If it is all natural fibers, it is definitely possible. If it can be recycled, it is actually a green material. Most non-woven fabrics, especially common non-woven bags, are spunbond and degradable.

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